Our quality management system starts with our team members.We believe that high-quality products come from high-quality talents.The members of the Lighte Optoelectronics team will receive the training resources and tools required for production.Our mission is to meet and exceed customer expectations.
We use the method of total quality management trilogy to develop,optimize and improve the process.ISO 9001:2015 registration promotes and provides the best benchmarking standards.The statistical quality control(SQC)component of our system promotes continuous improvement of the organization through metric analysis,root cause analysis,and closed-loop corrective actions.

Our mission is to meet or exceed customer expectations.

Our vision is to be the leading supplier and customer of choice for ever-increasing performance.

Our values are proven in the following ways:

  • Team member growth and development
  • Encouragement and recognition
  • Safe and clean environment
  • Mutual trust, integrity and respect
  • Social responsibility and sustainable development

Quality policy

  • The company's procedures and practices fully comply with the relevant industry standards and the requirements of the relevant authorities and our customers.
  • Continuous improvement, proper control of procedures and internal supplier supply chain.
  • An independent corporate quality assurance team is directly responsible to the president.

Quality strategy

Shaanxi Wright Photoelectric Materials Co., Ltd.'s quality strategy is "reliable safety, consistent quality, customer satisfaction, regulatory compliance, continuous improvement and the pursuit of the best."