Through continuous research and development to improve product production processes, accumulating core  technological achievements, reducing production costs, improving product quality, LTOM has  continuously transferred R&D and patented technology advantages to the production side, which is the main business model of LTOM.

Our rapid and productive R&D and reliable production system combine to provide one package service from route design to process optimization and then to pilot production. We keep close communication with customers and have won praise from customers with rapid response. We have provided customers with products from "G" to "KG" grade, which can ensure and meet the safe development and product quality of most intermediate products.

Our chemical synthesis factory located in Pucheng County, Weinan City, Shaanxi Province, with a 2-hour drive from the HQ,can fully meet the needs of self-use OLED intermediates, and meanwhile our mature and abundant chemical synthesis production capacity can provide the same industry OLED material customers and pharmaceutical customers with mass production of various types of small molecule chemical synthesis. Our well-trained employees adhere to the concept of "details determine success", safe production, high-quality production, and green production to provide domestic and foreign customers with first-class OLED terminal materials and chemical intermediate manufacturing solutions.

Intellectual production:

MES & DCS system control

Green and sustainable production:

· waste gas treatment: deep condensation + spray adsorption and other combined processes

· waste water: EGSB + A / O combined process


Sublimation capacity of OLED terminal materials

ultra-low temperature, Grignard, coupling, halogenation, ullman, Suzuki, etc.